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Welcome to The Ski and Bike Shop - Locally Owned & Operated Since 1979!

The Ski & Bike ShopThe Ski & Bike Shop of Grand Forks, is a locally owned business specializing in adventure gear, performance clothing, bicycles, snowboards, downhill skis, as well as cross country skis with expert advice and personal experience.

The weather is getting warm!

That means it's just about time to hit the trails with a new mountain bike, or zip across the blacktop with an awesome new road bike from The Ski and Bike Shop! Not sure which one's right for you? Let us know and we'll help you decide. 

Pat's Daily Cycling Tip

Crashes Happen, But Be Prepared Not Scared - Women getting into cycling often ask us about crashing, what the chances are and what to expect. We wish we could say that it's a non-issue, but most riders, whether they ride the road or trails, or both, eventually crash. It's just the nature of two-wheeled vehicles that must be balanced to remain upright. Fortunately, these crashes are usually minor, and as long as you're wearing your helmet and gloves, and riding within your abilities, you should only suffer a few scrapes that'll heal quickly.

Commute and Comfort!

Click on the image to the left & check out our awesome selection of commuter bikes. Ready to make your morning trip to the office your sunrise adventure! Forget about the traffic jams on Wasington St.  Instead enjoy the bike paths and get to class & work with a smile on your face.
For those Saturday rides to the coffee shop or a roll down the Greenway with the kids, a comfort bike from The Ski and Bike Shop is an awesome choice. Click on the image to the right & see our selection of comfort bikes. Get to know why comfort is key when it comes to building up that smile on your face.

Bike Commuting: The Fun Way to Get to Work!

Is the daily commute wearing you down? Through-the-roof gas prices; traffic jams; non-existent parking; lovely mornings and afternoons wasted inside your vehicle—what's there to do? Commute by bike! It's fun, it's fast, it's easy, it saves money, reduces global warming, and keeps you healthy and happy, too!

All Your Cycling Needs Covered!

Come see our selection of hybrid bicycles! Bring your bicycle into us for upgrades and repairs!
Check out our latest selection of mountain bikes! Feel the difference on a new road bicycle! Crush it all winter on a fat bike! Ride in comfort with these cycling accessories!

Educate Yourself!

Before you drop your hard-earned cash on a new bike, it's always best to learn as much as you can about the options that are out there. Here at The Ski and Bike Shop, we want to make sure we give you as many resources as possible so you can make the  best bicycle buying decision. Click on the images above to read about road bikes, mountain bikes, and kid's bikes. 

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